Portalgraph App Creation Tutorial (For Unity Beginners)

It's a detailed explanation with many images for Unity beginners. For those with knowledge of Unity, the simplified version on the next page might be easier to follow.


  • 3D Display Device 3D Projector + Compatible 3D Glasses, 3D TV + Compatible 3D Glasses, Standard Monitor + Anaglyph Glasses, etc.

  • VIVE Tracker Operating Environment 2 Base Stations, 1 VIVE Tracker *Note: When using a DLP-Link 3D projector, Base Station 1.0 is not suitable as its infrared laser interferes with the operation of 3D glasses. Therefore, Base Station 2.0 is essential.

  • Gaming PC

  • Unity 2019.4 or higher

  • Installation of SteamVR


Edit the following file to configure the system to use the VIVE Tracker without a VR headset.

<Steam installation folder>\config\steamvr.vrsettings

Add or modify the line "activateMultipleDrivers" : true, within "steamvr".

   "steamvr" : {
      "activateMultipleDrivers" : true,←Edit here
      "enableHomeApp" : false,
      "haveStartedTutorialForNativeChaperoneDriver" : true,
      "installID" : "18362035634115771074",
      "lastVersionNotice" : "2.1.4",
      "lastVersionNoticeDate" : "1700250481",
      "showAdvancedSettings" : true,
      "showMirrorView" : false

Edit the following file

<Steam installation folder>\steamapps\common\SteamVR\drivers\null\resources\settings\default.vrsettings

modify the line "enable" : false, with in "enable" : true,

    "driver_null": {
        "enable": true,←Make it true
        "loadPriority": -999,


Asset Usage

Creating the Project

If you haven't created a project yet, create a new project from Unity Hub. Please select the 3D template.

Importing Assets

Import the SteamVR Plugin using Unity's Package Manager, located in the Window menu.

Select 'My Assets' from the dropdown in the top left, and enter 'Steam' in the search box in the top right. The SteamVR Plugin should appear in the list (if you don't have it yet, acquire it from here). Click 'Import' to add it to your project.

Unity Settings

Open Project Settings and set Player → Allow downloads over HTTP to 'Allowed in development builds' (as SteamVR requires HTTP communication).

Uncheck 'Initialize XR on Startup' and check 'OpenVR Loader' in XR Plug-in Management.

Import TextMesh Pro's Essential Resources by clicking Window → TextMeshPro → Import TMP Essential Resources.

Importing Portalgraph Assets

Double-click the portalgraph.unitypackage to import the assets into your project.

Creating the Scene

Create a scene in Unity and place the Portalgraph/Portalgraph prefab from the Project. By default, the coordinates of the Portalgraph prefab will be the center point of the display screen.


Click on Build Settings in the menu.

Click 'Add Open Scenes' to add the current scene to 'Scenes in Build', and then click 'Build' to build.

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