Portalgraph Application Creation Tutorial (for Intermediate and Advanced Unity Users)


  • 3D Display Device 3D Projector + Compatible 3D Glasses, 3D TV + Compatible 3D Glasses, Standard Monitor + Anaglyph Glasses, etc.

  • VIVE Tracker Operating Environment 2 Base Stations, 1 VIVE Tracker *Note: When using a DLP-Link 3D projector, Base Station 1.0 is not suitable as its infrared laser interferes with the operation of 3D glasses. Therefore, Base Station 2.0 is essential.

  • Gaming PC

  • Unity 2019.4 or higher

  • Installation of SteamVR


Edit the following file to configure the system to use the VIVE Tracker without a VR headset.

<Steam installation folder>\config\steamvr.vrsettings

Add or modify the line "activateMultipleDrivers" : true, within "steamvr".

   "steamvr" : {
      "activateMultipleDrivers" : true,←Edit here
      "enableHomeApp" : false,
      "haveStartedTutorialForNativeChaperoneDriver" : true,
      "installID" : "18362035634115771074",
      "lastVersionNotice" : "2.1.4",
      "lastVersionNoticeDate" : "1700250481",
      "showAdvancedSettings" : true,
      "showMirrorView" : false

Edit the following file

<Steam installation folder>\steamapps\common\SteamVR\drivers\null\resources\settings\default.vrsettings

modify the line "enable" : false, with in "enable" : true,

    "driver_null": {
        "enable": true,←Make it true
        "loadPriority": -999,


Asset Usage

Importing Assets

Import the SteamVR Plugin using Unity's Package Manager, located in the Window menu.

Unity Settings

Open Project Settings and set Player → Allow downloads over HTTP to 'Allowed in development builds' (as SteamVR requires HTTP communication).

Uncheck 'Initialize XR on Startup' and check 'OpenVR Loader' in XR Plug-in Management.

Import TextMesh Pro's Essential Resources by clicking Window → TextMeshPro → Import TMP Essential Resources.

Importing Portalgraph Assets

Double-click the portalgraph.unitypackage to import the assets into your project.

Creating the Scene

Create a scene in Unity and place the Portalgraph/Portalgraph prefab from the Project. By default, the coordinates of the Portalgraph prefab will be the center point of the display screen.


Build the scene.

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